Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I am writing this blog for family, friends, acquaintances and for their family, friends, and acquaintances. If it's weight loss, eliminating diabetes. This compilation of information hopefully can put you on a good path to reaching your goals.

My venture at the beginning of my weight loss journey started after leaving the doctors office with an elevated glucose level that identified that diabetes is in my future if I didn't do something about it. Within that week mentioned the 4 Hour Body (4HB) by Timothy Ferriss. For $15 bucks and I can eat as much as I want without counting calories and lose 5lbs per week seemed to good to be true. So out came the credit card and on December 19th the book arrived and by the 20th, I was on a journey that turned my life around.

Before Pics:
Ocotober 2010

August 2010
August 2010

Reflecting back, it seemed the ground work 4HB pathed would be a long journey. I was hoping for a loss of just 40lb with only a minimal amount of exercise which seemed like being told to climb Mt. Everest with a toothpick.

Below are my Stats from the beginning while following the 4HB recommended Slow Carb Diet (SCD) during the week and with almost 10,000 calorie cheat days (yes you can eat anything you want, one day out of the week).

Weight Loss Monthly Details

Started Dec 20th
Belly 43.5
Thighs 52
Hip 45.5
Triceps 30
Total Inches 171 - Weight 242 - unknown body fat % guessing 34%

Week 4
Belly 41.5
Thighs 49
Hip 44.25
Triceps 29
Total Inches 163.75 - Weight 226 - 32.5 body fat%

Week 8
Belly 40
Thighs 48
Hip 43
Triceps 28
Total Inches 159 - Weight 212.2 - 30.4 body fat %

Week 12
Belly 38.75
Thighs 47
Hip 42.25
Triceps 28
Total Inches 156 - Weight 206.8 - 27.2 body fat %

Week 16
Belly 37
Thighs 46
Hip 41.25
Triceps 28.5
Total Inches 152.75 - Weight 203.2 - 27.5 body fat %

Week 20
Belly 36
Thighs 45
Hip 40.25
Triceps 28
Total Inches 149.25 - Weight 196.4 - 24.9 body fat %

Week 24 - no data son's baseball game, just weight 191.2

Week 25
Belly 34.5
Hip 39
Triceps 27.5
Thighs 44
Total Inches 145 - Weight 188.8 - 23.3 body fat %

Week 29
Belly 33.25
Hip 39
Triceps 27
Thighs 44
Total Inches 143.25 - Weight 181.4 - 20.7 body fat %

Week 33
Belly 32.5
Hip 37.75
Triceps 27
Thighs 42
Total Inches 138.75 - Weight 177.6 - 19.6 body fat %

Week 37 - (September 3rd)
Belly 31.5
Hip 37.5
Triceps 26.5
Thighs 42
Total Inches 137.25 - Weight 175.7 - 19.0 body fat %

Week 42 - (October 7th)
Belly 30.75
Hip 36.75
Triceps 26.0
Thighs 42
Total Inches 135.75 - Weight 171.8 - 18.4 body fat % (bio-impedence)

Total inches lost 35.25"
Total weight loss 70.2 lbs (As of October 7th, 2011)

With a weight loss of 70 lbs and going from a shirt size XL to M and a pant size of almost 44" (42" were getting snug) to 32". I wish I had found 4HB sooner.

Note: My body fat % is calculated using a bio-impendence sensor on the electric weight scale
On Week 33 my body fat  % was checked by the Wellness center at Mt San Antonio College. Even though the bio-impedence scale shows 19.6% the Hydrostatic Weighing came in at 14.1%

Update - As of July 31st 2012 - Body Weight 177lbs with a Body Fat of 11% (Hydrostatic) - Added Strength Training (Starting Strength) as of October 30th, 2011.

Books - Absolutely must read

The 4 Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss

Wheat Belly by William David MD (Hands Down must read for everyone)

Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes (especially if your diabetic)

Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf

Paleo Answers by Loren Cordain

Audio books are available for 4 Hour Body but due to the nature of the way the book is structured I would recommend sticking with the hard copy and/or eBook. Why We Get Fat also has an audio book and eBook and I would highly recommend having both.

Note: In regards to eBooks I have found these extremely helpful for doing word searches on different subject matter. Also, there is a ton of valuable information, please don't expect to read 4HB once then set it down and forget it, I would encourage referring back to it every few weeks for the first 2 months. I guarantee there will be information that you either forgot or missed.

Great Video's - but frightening information

The Truth about Sugar by Professor Robert Lustig MD - U.C. San Francisco

Diet, Disease and Dollars by Professor Robert Lustig MD - U.C. San Francisco - MIT Club of Northern California.
Note: Video Has some audio issue's.


The battle of the weight loss diets - Professor Christopher Gardner of Stanford University

"The trouble with fructose: A Darwinian perspective" by Robert Lustig, MD from Ancestry on Vimeo.

"Evolution of a Diet Revolution" by Andreas Eenfeldt, MD from Ancestry on Vimeo. - Sweden reversing obesity by recommending a high fat low car diet for past 2 years.

"What foods make my brain work best?" by Seth Roberts, PhD from Ancestry on Vimeo. Butter can tune your brain.

"Ancestral Health: Past, Present, and Future" by Boyd Eaton, MD from Ancestry on Vimeo.

"Food and Western Disease" by Staffan Lindeberg, MD, PhD from Ancestry on Vimeo.

"The case against sugar(s)" by Gary Taubes, MA from Ancestry on Vimeo. (missing slides)

"An Organic Chemist's Perspective on Paleo" by Mathieu Lalonde, PhD from Ancestry on Vimeo. (missing slides)

"How to win an argument with a vegetarian" by Denise Minger from Ancestry on Vimeo.
(missing slides)

"Science for smart people" by Tom Naughton from Ancestry on Vimeo.
(missing slides, funny guy)

Be sure to check out the other great video's from the first Ancestral Health Symposium 2011 on Vimeo by Ancestral Health Foundation

Hulu users
Pull up current or old episodes of The Biggest Loser. I started watching this show for the first time after I started 4HB. Not only were they inspirational but on the evenings I had cravings it definitely helped put the demons away, plus a spoon of almond butter sure helps.

Podcasts - for listening while on the road - All available through iTunes
Robb Wolf Podcast - Robb Wolf a ton of scientic information on how our bodies function
Chris Kresser Podcast - Chris Kresser great listen more science based info.
Underground Wellness Podcast - Sean Croxton does a great job interviewing those with in the Paleo World
Livin La Vida Low Carb Podcast - Jimmy Moore has over 600 informative podcast


As recommended by Timothy Ferris, I started using these at the beginning of my Mt. Everest journey, taken before bed daily. Potassium, Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium.

Note: At about my 2nd month I started adding additional supplements:  Omega-3 (fish oil) (2 Grams in the AM and PM) and Chromium Polynicotinate , Vitamin DVitamin C. Taken in the evening before bed.

Update - August 2012 - Only doing 2 grams of Omega-3 fish oil (unless it was sushi for lunch), Vitamin D and Magnesium.

Cheat Days - Christmas now comes once a week but practice some sort of Damage Control. But if your diabetic you may want to take it easy
Breakfast is a normal SCD, but before each major cheat meal I take a supplement of
Alpha Lipoic Acid, Garlic and Green Tea (CAGG). Then, normally after a meal I drink a glass of Vibrant Health's Green Vibrance or Green Super Food by Amazing Grass and at the end of the day I finish off with AGG plus Policosanol (PAGG).
I don't necessarily follow my cheat day supplement regiment 100% but closer to 75%  -  life happens.

Note: Please read the 4 Hour body to understand the why's regarding some of these supplements

Update - August 2012 - Eliminated all the 4hb supplements for Cheat Day but also moved to just having more fruit with maybe a snickers bar.

The Day After Cheat Day
AGG in the morning, followed with a 100% whey protein isolate drink before my jog with the boys (recently started) in the AM, then a SCD breakfast when I return, plus one more green drink some time during the day.

The rest of the week is straight SCD maybe adding a single green drink around Wednesday.

Working Out
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday after breakfast.
50lb Kettle bell two arm swings - 75 Reps total
Bosi Ball - Myotic Crunch
Air Squats - 30 reps
Push Ups - 80 seconds

Total Workout Time should be about 20 minutes.

Update - September 3rd - replaced Push Ups with Pull Up and Chin Ups.

For those over 40, as you age your muscles become more insulin resistant and in turn causes more insulin production which in turn causes inflammation that leads to weight gain. Don't substitute walking for working out with weights.

In regards to:

Even though Omega-3 is not recommended in the 4HB, based on my readings of having a good Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio, I am surprised that these studies haven't been more widely reported in the news. If you plan to use fish oil to boost your omega-3 intake read the label as the correlation of fish oil mg per caplet does not equal the same mg dosage in omega-3. Currently my 6 to 3 ratio is 2:1 - Here's a great chart showing Omega 6 to Omega 3 in various foods. I have been using Macadamia Oil exclusively since my 3rd week, it's not on the chart but has a ratio of 1:1. Google Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio and be prepared for some surprises.

Great article written by Timothy Ferriss with an excerpt from Robb Wolf's book The Paleo Solution  Even more unknown great information in Wheat Belly

A natural sweetener with a "0" glycemic load. It was questionable if this was going to hinder my weight loss at the beginning but eliminating cream and sugar in my coffee made stevia heaven sent. Now with a great coffee from peet's brewed at home and stevia, mornings are great to look forward to. The product I currently use is KAL Pure Stevia Extract  most other products seem to bitter.

If your like me you will end up consuming over a dozen eggs per week. Costco sells 60 eggs for about $6. In regards to cholesterol here is my blood test before starting 4HB (sorry Glucose only) and at the beginning of my 4th month on 4HB (full blood work).

Blood Test Before 4HB

Blood Test, 3 Month into 4HB
The Past 6 month reflection
I recall being in the doctor's office back in December and being advised about my high glucose level and what the short future held for me if I didn't do something. I wondering if I would end up as another obese and diabetic statistic. I pose the same question on you.

After Pictures:
July 2011

July 2011

After all it was said and done and Mt Everest is now controlled.
I asked my guide: What was the toothpick for?
His reply: to help get the meat stuck between your teeth